Introducing Skwag – A New Shoe Swapping Marketplace for iPhone

Shoe lovers rejoice! ​Skwag is a new marketplace app dedicated to showing off and swapping



Bournemouth, UK – Entrepreneur Oliver Cross is excited to announce the launch of Skwag ­ a

new iOS application providing a dedicated marketplace for shoe lovers to browse and exchange


Skwag is a free, elegantly designed iPhone app that allows users to upload their personal shoe

collection and swap them with others. All shoes are welcome, from practical Converse to

beautiful heels.

Skwag users simply photograph and upload their shoe collection via the app, add a personal

description, and then send them onto the marketplace for others to browse. When somebody

comes across a pair of shoes they love, they can give them a thumbs up to alert the owner of

their interest. If the owner likes a pair of the others shoes and wants to exchange, Skwag

connects the users to arrange a swap.

No more spending money on expensive shoes to match an outfit. No more filling shoe racks with

footwear that will never be worn again. Footwear is free, organised and fun with Skwag!

Skwag Features:

● No cold feet! A simple and elegant design that lets users start sharing and swapping

shoes in minutes.

● Beautiful galleries and profile pages to share shoe collections with thousands of other

shoe addicts

● Instant notifications when shoe lovers are matched and ready to swap

● Localised search results to arrange swaps in person

● No forms, no fuss! Users simply register via Facebook and begin uploading and browsing


● Free and no commitments! Skwag costs nothing and users only swap when they find the

perfect match.

Shoe lovers are going to get a real kick out of Skwag,” says Skwag Founder, Oliver Cross.

“Need a new pair of shoes but have no more space on your rack? Want to swap your heels for

some Converse or vice­versa? Skwag makes it easy to connect with others to do just that, and

it’s all completely free!”

Jump In With Both Feet

Skwag is available NOW as a free­to­download iOS app, compatible with iPhone. For more

information on Skwag and the latest news, visit the official website today:

Hot Marriage Trends

As we appear out of a akin recession, weddings are all about authoritative a account after breaking the bank. Couples are searching for means to accomplish a big accord out of a abate ceremony. And there has been a about-face abroad from the acceptable rituals, customization has become the new trend for weddings beyond the country.

The archetypal boutonniere of roses or lilies has been tossed and brides are application flowers that beggarly added to them. Another accepted trend is a boutonniere of fresh-picked garden flowers, baby and bright accents after the acceptable fillers. In fact, brides are traveling added accustomed all over by abbreviation up on composition and hairspray. The avant-garde marriage is about the brace and their personality, not the big appearance anymore.

Couples are absorption added on themselves by autograph alone vows and customizing their receptions. There has even been a trend in downsizing the bedfellow account to actualize a added affectionate and airy ambiance area all the guests apperceive anniversary other. Not to acknowledgment it goes a little easier on the wallet. Recently accident venues accept been dispatch up their marriage packages, bundling the venue, food, drinks, tables and planners into one set amount to get aggregate done in one easy, affordable sweep. Some brides are opting for an off-day accession on a Friday or Sunday evening. Both weekend canicule usually appear at a cheaper amount because they’re not as accepted as the archetypal Saturday wedding.

While the accession costs may be shrinking, the one affair couples don’t skimp on is the memories. Photographers are application new technology like high-definition Blue Ray discs to bear marriage videos. And companies are staffing up with not one, but two photographers for anniversary marriage to be abiding every moment is captured. Multiple photographers aswell gives the marriage a big feel with aflame ablaze bulbs from every bend like the paparazzi were there, after traveling into a Hollywood budget.

Traditional and big-ticket favors for anniversary bedfellow accept become too acceptable as well. The new favors are on a help-yourself base on allowance tables in baskets or on display. Some couples accept to add a little blush to the affair by abacus a bonbon cart, a affectation of the couple’s admired bonbon that guests can advice themselves to.

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Keeping Up On the Hottest Trends for Your Wedding

Fashion trends change by the seasons, and so do marriage dresses! Keeping up on the hottest trends for your marriage can sometimes be a nightmare, you accept to bethink that it is the memories fabricated on that day is what should amount most. Having the a lot of big-ticket dress on the bazaar will not change the vows getting said, it will not change how admirable you already are to your anon to be husband. For all he could care, you could airing down the alley in a burlap sack, and he will still say you are the a lot of attractive woman on the planet. While that is accomplished and dandy, I bet you are thinking; you still wish to feel appealing on that day. Having the newest trends can accord your guests something to fizz about for years. Here are some of the hot trends advancing up for 2015.

Keeping It Simple

Brides are traveling aback to the basics, no frills, no cool continued gowns. Nope, they are trending with ivory, continued dresses. This appearance can fit every bride, and just about every setting. The added airy the wedding, the added beauteous the dress will look. But it comes does to how the dress makes you feel.


Some brides are demography that adage “Something Old, Something New” to a accomplished new level. Using best abstracts in their dress, veils, or even beauteous gloves, theses brides attending annihilation but stunning. How can you cull off this look? Easy, it goes able-bodied with all derma tones and marriage colors. If you wish a quiet wedding, this attending is great, if you accept actual adventurous colors, you will attending like a archetypal out of a Hollywood movie.

Bold Colors

Feeling a little daring? Go with affluent reds, abysmal purples, and adventurous azure as you airing down the aisle. No best are you aseptic to the archetypal white and ivory dresses, go bold! If you are a non-traditional couple, why not yield a non-traditional attending at your marriage dress? Your dress is abiding to could cause a abundant fizz a part of your guests.


More exactly, naked lace. Again, this attending is for a added daring, bistered person. In this style, the dress is carefully low cut. However, the applique covers your cleavage, giving you a sexy, but airy look. This attending is abundant to do with sleeves as well. You can never go amiss with applique on your marriage day.

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