Right to Remain.

Campaigning for migration justice

Right to Remain (formerly the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns) is a national human rights organisation, founded in 1995.
We provide advice, support and resources about campaigning for the right to remain in the UK, campaign against abuses and injustices in the asylum and immigration system more broadly, and provide training and information to the public to raise awareness of these injustices, and to give people the tools to take action.
We currently have two full-time workers, supported by a small team of volunteers. The organisation is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, managed by a voluntary Management Committee. We are a membership organisation, and members are encouraged to attend and vote at our annual conference and general meeting.

new name new name

A new name

Right to Remain is the new name for NCADC, the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns.

In 2013, our members voted to change our name to better reflect the work we do, (and for a name that is much easier to say!) So, what led to the name change? Read more here.

What is campaigning?

Immigration and asylum applicants face significant legal and procedural barriers to securing their right to remain. A campaign is a series of actions taken to overcome these barriers. It can be very public or relatively private, and includes practical assistance, moral support, advocacy, help with the legal process and more. Read more about campaigning for the right to remain in our campaigning toolkit.

Why campaign for individuals?

We support campaigning in individual cases because it works: it can overcome the barriers to justice, and win the right to remain; and it can produce other benefits for the individual and the wider community too.

We repeatedly witness the positive impact of an individual or family taking some control back over their situation, by campaigning for the right to remain. Campaigners feel empowered by speaking out and bearing witness to injustice, by feeling the support of those around them, their community, and wider supporters of a campaign who they may never meet.

The asylum and immigration system does not place a high value on the voices of migrants: on the contrary, it is a system that at times silences, at others twists the words of applicants in order to refuse their cases and categorise them as incredible. Individual campaigning is an opportunity for asylum seekers and other migrants to control their own story. Read more here.

What we do...

Supporting individual campaigns for the right to remain

toolkit toolkit

Right to Remain provides free and confidential information about campaigning to stay in the UK: we give advice on the benefits and risks of a public campaign, campaign strategies, non-public campaigning options, and we help publicise public campaigns.

We do not provide legal advice, and we do not run campaigns for people: we provide you with the tools you need to campaign. For more information, contact us.

In 2012 we published the first edition of our Campaigning Toolkit - an aid to understanding the asylum and immigration systems, and campaigning for the right to stay. The Toolkit is a comprehensive printed and online resource for people seeking the right to remain in the UK, and the groups working to support them.

Supporting campaigning groups

training training

The most effective campaigns are those that have an active community or support network behind them. Right to Remain delivers free training across the UK to help groups to support and campaign for people fighting for justice in their cases.

Our training covers campaigning for the right to remain; understanding the asylum and immigration system; basic legal skills; starting a support group; and IT skills for campaigning and legal skills. Find out more at training page

Campaigning for migration justice

justice justice

Right to Remain works with other campaigners, activists and organisations to raise awareness of injustices in the asylum and immigration system, and human rights issues.

We facilitate the Young People Seeking Safety network. We campaign against destitution, immigration detention and the securitisation of the asylum and immigration system, legal aid cuts and the racist Immigration Bill. We campaign against the use of charter flights to deport people en masse, particularly to war-zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and torture-states such as Sri Lanka.

Find out more about our broader campaigning.

Information service

action action

We provide an information service through email newsletters, our website, the blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Our Country Of Origin Information (COI) website is a repository of country of origin information to support asylum applications and campaigns. Through the information service we seek to raise public awareness of injustice in the immigration and asylum system, positive stories of action and solidarity, as well as providing resources for people campaigning for the right to stay

Support our work

donateOur work is supported only through grants from charitable trusts, and donations from the public.

You can support our work by making a donation. This can be a one-off gift made online through our secure donations site, or you can email to request a monthly standing order form.